Three Weeks Until eBay Live!

eBay Live is on June 24-26 and the eBay/PayPal Developer Conference is June 23-24. We’ve been planning this for months but it’s just now starting to kick into high gear. I gave an aggressively virtual walk-through of my introductory eBay SDK talk yesterday which went well (although “aggressively virtual” in this case means I didn’t have time to do the accompanying Powerpoint deck I was supposed to do, oops). Fortunately I’ve given this talk in a number of forms a couple dozen times in the last year so it should be good even if I’m slightly undercaffeinated.

Yesterday in IMs I demanded that Scoble attend and he said he would try to make it. Let’s everyone lean on him a little bit to make sure it happens.

You’ll want to make your travel plans now if you plan on going.