Lego Prohibits Use of Product in Spinal Tap DVD

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As final editing was being done on a concert DVD of the tour, which included footage from the video projected on stage, Lego declined to grant permission to use its figures, which are protected by copyright.“We love that our fans are so passionate and so creative with our products,” said Julie Stern, a spokeswoman for Lego Systems, the United States division of the Lego Group, a Danish company founded in the 1930s. “But it had some inappropriate language, and the tone wasn’t appropriate for our target audience of kids 6 to 12.”

Set aside for a moment the fact that Lego is being a copyright bully here, and legally, they don’t have a leg to stand on. What they’re doing is just bad branding. In their misguided attempt to protect their brand, Lego has completely lost sight of what their brand is actually all about. Is the Lego brand about protecting kids from heavy metal? Is it about only letting them do building projects that some corporation approves of? Of course not — when I buy my kids Lego instead of some talking Tinkerbell-branded crap, it’s because I want to help my kids be creative, even if what they come up with surprises me once in a while.