Job Update

Update on the job situation: It took a while, but I’ve filled all the slots on my team for the moment. Thanks to everyone who referred folks. I may get to fire up the big McManus hire-o-matic again after the first of the year.

Meanwhile, Carole has had promising potential opportunities and is doing some consulting, but is still looking for a full-time gig. If you are looking for a kickass web producer/product manager/online community manager to work in the Bay Area, let me know and I’ll be happy to introduce you.

To give you a sense of what she’s like to work with, she just joined the board of directors of our daughter’s school — they begged her to join because, in their words, she’s “CALM”.

I may have a tiny budget for contract coders in the November/December timeframe. Embarassingly low pay, but it’s fairly easy part-time work that you should be able to do from anywhere. The work should not require genius-level technical experience (just some familiarity with the concept of making calls via XML-over-HTTP in any language). I must stress that if you are accustomed to making fat bags of cash as a systems consultant, this work is probably not for you (what I need is really on the cusp between coding, QA and technical documentation) but it will get you some exposure to the thousands of individuals and companies that use the eBay API. Let me know or leave a comment if you’re interested.