Because Russian Money is Clearly Worth Less, Somehow

Link: Russian Facebook Investor Adds Stake in Zynga –

Digital Sky Technologies, or D.S.T., an investment firm with offices in Moscow and London, is leading a group that is buying a $180 million stake in Zynga, a fast-growing San Francisco company whose online games, like FarmVille, Café World and Mafia Wars, are extremely popular on Facebook.

An unusual investment structure, by an unorthodox foreign investor, might shake up many of Silicon Valley’s traditional venture capital and private equity firms, which are losing out on another promising Internet opportunity.

If the Times reporters, Brad Stone and Claire Cain Miller, had bothered to talk to more than one Silicon Valley investors for this story, they would have learned that startups in the Facebook ecosystem are all but radioactive to Valley investors today. Of course Kleiner Perkins is going to say they’re an amazing company, etc., but if they didn’t pull the trigger on an investment, it means they didn’t like what they see (and Kleiner probably isn’t a terrific litmus test for investors

It’s definitely not the case that when an investor passes on an opportunity, that investor is  “losing out.” “Losing out” is the opposite of “winning”; DST hasn’t won yet. Do you feel like you’re “losing out” every time a bus passes you in the street because you could have been on it?

It’s also a little weird the way they characterize the investor in this deal. They raise the fright wig of Russians, criminals, and “unusual investment structures” without really going into what that means. If that’s the concern here, then why don’t you name the “criminal” investor until 18 paragraphs into the story?