In Which I Do Various Interesting Things with Various Fine Universities

In the last six months I’ve been doing a few things with a number of universities:

  • I’ve been teaching a web design and management course for University of Victoria.
  • I just started teaching a similar course on web development for Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Both of the classes I’m teaching are online which makes the commute much easier.
  • I served as the judge for General Website Excellence as part of the 2010 California College Media Association awards. (The CCMA is an organization of college journalism programs.) Reviewing the two dozen or so sites, I noticed some interesting trends; I plan to blog in more detail about this after the awards are given out in April.
  • I’m working with Loyola Marymount University’s student media department on an upcoming overhaul of their Web site. This project just kicked off and I’ll probably do some blogging about it after the project is completed in a few months.

It has been neat to get back into teaching. I did a bunch of it early in my career, and I still give talks at tech conferences a few times each year, but I feel like it’s important to stay connected to the way that new learners approach the Web, and to see how they react to things that are outside of their comfort zones. I did an overhaul of the UVic web curriculum back in December, adding material about current Web development design practices (things like semantic markup, “Web 2.0”, frameworks, even a little HTML5).