Upcoming CodeLesson Courses

It’s hard to believe it’s been less than six weeks since we’ve launched CodeLesson. The response to the site has been terrific and we’re having some enlightening conversations with students, instructors and others about what they want to see from the site.

My CodeLesson PHP course is in progress, and it’s going really well. It’s a small, energetic group, more than one of whom are fellow startup CEOs, which was great to hear. We’re all about smashing the divide between the geeks and the suits.

Meanwhile, we’ve brought on a team of instructors to teach some more courses, a few of which are on our course schedule now:

  • Introduction to Programming in Python will start November 8 and will be taught by the most excellent Zed Shaw.
  • Introduction to Web Publishing is our introductory WordPress course. If you’ve ever wanted to run your own Web site but weren’t sure where to get started, this course is for you. This course doesn’t involve coding, but it does cover how to set up, configure, and manage WordPress from beginning to end. The course also covers new features of the recently-released WordPress 3.0. I’ll be teaching this course, which will start on October 18.
  • Developing WordPress Themes was just announced last week; this is a more advanced WordPress course that will show you how to use your HTML and CSS skills to create custom WordPress front-ends. The instructor for this course will be Cheryl Chung.
  • We hope to run a session on The Ruby Programming Language in November. We should be able to announce the instructor in the next week or so, but the guy we’re talking to has written a few books on Ruby and is basically drenched in awesome sauce.

We have a few more courses lined up (JavaScript and jQuery are biggies with me), and we’re also taking suggestions for new courses. Which courses would you like to see taught on CodeLesson? Let us know.

Also, we’re starting to get requests from businesses who want use CodeLesson to teach courses on their technology products. We’re calling this “CodeLesson for Your Business”; ¬†we should have some announcements with specifics about how this will work around the holidays. For now, if you have a technology product that you want to provide training for, let me know in the comments and let’s talk.