What’s Happening on CodeLesson

Our mighty mighty online learning site, CodeLesson, continues to astound and amaze us as it slowly consumes my entire career forevermore. Here’s what’s going on with the site today:

  • My PHP course is proceeding apace. We are in week six of the course and no one’s brain has exploded yet. (At the same time I’m also teaching a modified version of the course for our partner, the University of Victoria.)
  • We started our first session of Introduction to Web Publishing (our WordPress course) this week.
  • The indefatigable Zed Shaw’s Introduction to Python Programming will start on November 8. There’s still space in this course, but it’s looking like it will fill up — you can sign up for the course here.
  • We are talking to a few more interesting instructors and hope to have some new course announcements in the next week or two.
  • We added a few new courses to our catalog to see if there’s interest: Google Chrome Extensions, a PayPal course, and a few more that you can see on our newly-compacted course catalog page. If any of these courses are interest to you, click on the big orange Add Course button to let us know you’re interested. (Some of our courses don’t make it onto our schedule until there’s sufficient student interest.)
  • We are itchingly close to announcing our first free course which will be sponsored by an awesomely excellent technology company of which we will be able to hopefully disclose more information soon.
  • We are having some interesting preliminary discussions with prospective investors who are mightily impressed at the fact that we have figured out a way to get people to pay for goods and services on the Web. Yay us!

Overall I can say that I’ve been blown away to the response to what we’ve been doing, and I’ve been particularly heartened by the dozen or so people who have stepped up to teach courses, suggest new topics and otherwise refine our offering. Thanks, all you cool folks.