Tokbox: A Platform for Adding Live Video Chat to Your Web Site

This evening TokBox launched a new platform that enables Web developers to embed live video conferencing into their Web sites. This is an incredibly exciting product and I’m sure it’s something that a lot of sites are going to take advantage of.

TokBox provides all the challenging bits to make this happen; all a web developer has to do is write a little JavaScript and you’ve got live audio/video chat in the browser with up to 20 simultaneous live participants (more people than you’d probably want to be video-chatting with at once, really) and up to thousands of audience members.

The important thing is that this is a platform, not just a canned widget, so web developers have control over how the in-browser video conference looks and behaves. This essentially enables you to integrate video conferencing anywhere Flash works.

For CodeLesson, the benefits to live chat in the browser are obvious — we’ve been working on using the new TokBox platform to embed live video chat into our online courses as an option to enable instructors to have live office hours with students online. Our hope is to have a video office hours incorporated into CodeLesson early in the new year.

To learn more you can check out their main site or their developer blog, or if you’re a coder and you’re ready to play, get started here.

My consultancy, Platform Associates, has been advising Tokbox on their transition from a consumer site to a platform for the past few months.