Reason #285 Why Paper Telephone Books Must Die

A few days ago we got a delivery of a ten-pound paper Yellow Pages telephone directory. It went straight into the recycling, along with every paper phone directory we’ve received for the past 12 or so years.

Just now, I get a phone call from some mouth-breather asking whether we’d received the phone book that we didn’t ask for and will never use. A phone call. On my cel phone. During working hours.

Even better, when I told the person on the phone that I wasn’t interested in getting a paper phone book ever again, and I’d prefer that they put me on my Do Not Call list, the person on the phone said that to get removed from their list, I had to call some other number (of course, that number was printed on the now-recycled paper phone book; she couldn’t just give the number to me, ironically). When I pressed her, she said that removing me from their call list was “not her job”.

She literally said this. I am not exaggerating here.

Someone, please to make this business practice illegal? Thx.

Update: San Francisco heard me and is apparently actually going to make the delivery of unsolicited phone books illegal. Hooray for big government!