More Job Madness

I’ve got two openings on my team at Yahoo, one is for a Manager of Marketing and Community for the Y! Developer Network, and the other is for a Technical Evangelist/Developer Support specialist.

For the marketing/community position, a strong technology marketing background (preferably targeting a developer audience) and hands-on experience supporting an online community is crucial.

For the evangelist/support role, we’re more flexible with respect to what you’ve done in the past (a coder looking for a new set of challenges would work, a sales engeering type might work, I’d even consider a technical documentation specialist if you’re on the more technical side). What’s most important is that elusive combination of technical experience, great communication skills, and a passion for helping developers.

Yahoo is a nice place to work and we’re going to be building out our third-party developer initiatives significantly in the coming year, so if you’ve ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of something big, now’s your chance.

Shoot me an email (my first and last name at yahoo dot com) if you’re interested.

Update Removed the deep links because the job web site wasn’t liking them, sorry. (Why do job web sites not support deep permanent links? Stooopid.) Anyway, to find the description, go to the Yahoo careers site and do a keyword search for the phrase “internet platform,” that will bring up both positions. OK? OK!