CodeLesson ♥s Computer Science

So the funny thing about the 140-character attention economy is that it causes people to hit the comment button first and think later, maybe, if at all. This was definitely the case following my post More Universities Should Shut Down Their Computer Science Programs, which became by far the most popular and commented-upon blog post I’ve ever done in nine years of blogging.

Some people got what I was trying to say and agreed that there could be a more practical balance in undergraduate CS programs. But most commenters (especially those on Reddit and MetaFilter) completely misunderstood the point of the post, defending the discipline of computer science even though I had stated explicitly in the post that I wasn’t attacking the discipline of computer science or basic systems programming, but rather the way it was being taught to undergraduates by universities.

But people see what they want to see, I guess, and it would have been easy (particularly if you just read the headline or first few sentences) to come away with the sense that I was some kind of self-interested troll bent on destroying the academic discipline that may readers had devoted four years of their young lives to follow. I assure you, I am no troll! I come not to destroy the discipline computer science, but to reform it.

(Related: I’m going to recommend that CS majors take a few more upper-division English courses. There is this thing called “close reading of a text” that you may find useful, and most universities are pretty good at teaching it.)

Anyway, we’ve got a business to run and developers to train. And coincidentally, back in March we received a suggestion from an intrepid CodeLesson user to do a course on data structures and algorithms. We thought this was a peachy idea, so we’ve promoted the course to our catalog and added it to our Instructors Needed page. If you feel passionate that software engineers need computer science fundamentals to do their jobs and you have a few spare hours to devote to teaching (and want to make some cash), please sign up or talk to us.