Drinking to Win

Article in the New York Times about drinking games becoming more mainstream (I guess this is a story because beer companies are sponsoring them now, even though as the story points out, these kinds of games have been around since ancient times).

Naturally college administrators are taking a dim view, reflecting the utterly stoopid American attitude toward drinking (which seems to be ban, restrict, condemn, rather than educate and demystify, tactics that aren’t much different than those of Carry Nation).

The best quote was from a Harvard public health genius who was shocked — shocked — to discover that these kinds of games are just a way to get people to drink more. But both drinking and games are there to provide a context for social interaction. Clearly somebody’s missing something here; if there were better contexts for social interaction on campuses, why would people want to go to off-campus bars to play Beer Pong? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)