Fun Features of the New Y! Maps

Yahoo! Local GM and amateur blog critic Paul Levine and I are in IMs right now, watching the returns on the launch meander through the blogosphere via Technorati.

Paul Levine: btw, when you talk about only-at-yahoo features, i usually point to 5:
Paul Levine: 1) multi-point directions
Paul Levine: 2) drag-and-drop interactivity
Paul Levine: 3) reverse business lookup
Paul Levine: 4) address book integration / autocomplete
Paul Levine: 5) minimap
Paul Levine: plus things like traffic and send-to-phone which we launched almost a year ago and still noone else has
Jeffrey McManus: somebody should blog all that
Paul Levine: yea — who?
Jeffrey McManus: if only we knew somebody with a blog
Paul Levine: ha