Using CSS-P with ASP.NET trace mode

A few weeks ago I posted this about how ASP.NET doesn’t play nice with XHTML unless you resort to various onerous contortions. I just noticed that ASP.NET trace mode doesn’t like absolute positioning in CSS-P, either.

When I saw this I thought I was screwed, but then I realized that surely the geniuses who thought up ASP.NET trace mode had the presence of mind to wrap the trace output in a DIV tag so you could position it anywhere on the page with CSS-P. And, in fact, they did. (The ID of the DIV is __asptrace — that’s a pair of leading underscores if you’re scoring at home.)

So that means if you’re using CSS-P with an ASP.NET page in trace mode, you can make the trace output appear anywhere on the page you want, yippee! I put my trace output over on the right side of my page design.