Hey, New Bike

I’m abusing my body slightly less this year. After losing 30 pounds through dieting (begone, white bread and potatoes), I hit a wall. So I donated my old clunky mountain bike which hasn’t seen an actual mountain in about 15 years, and I bought a new street bike.

New bike

Weee! After picking up this bad boy at REI a few weeks ago, I’ve using it to take extremely unambitious rides around our new Miraloma Heights neighborhood. Our hilly nabe isn’t particularly bike-friendly, but it’s better than our last place which had a single block of flat territory for riding.

Once the winter rains are over, I want to attempt more ambitious rides on flatter terrain. Alamo Square Park to the Beach Chalet (across the length of Golden Gate Park) is something I’m looking forward to, but to make that happen we’ll have to get a bike rack installed on our car. I’m also cognizant of the fact that riding a bike for exercise to a destination that serves beer by the pitcher may be counterproductive.