Eating Out

We are keeping up our regular Thursday night dinner dates even though we have a six -week-old sprog in tow, because that’s just how hard we party. We are noticing that people tense up when we sit down next to them with a bucket o’ baby, but then when they realize that 1) the kid isn’t a big squealer, and 2) all the fine ladies warm up when baby’s in the house, things mellow considerably and the li’l man turns into quite the conversation-starter.

Thursday night we hit 1550 Hyde and had a lovely time, I had a salad that contained pornographically large strips of bacon and avocado, and steak for the main course. Carole had pork which was just the way you want your pork (falling apart on the fork).

A week ago Thursday we dined at Foreign Cinema, which was lovely, but we got there too early for the house gimmick (they actually show foreign films on a big back wall as soon as it gets dark). We enjoyed it so much we’re going back there in a few weeks when my sister is in town from New York.

Speaking of going out, Suw is going to be in SF for a week in August. Where should we take her to get drunk?