Peter Molyneux tells Apple to “Get Behind Games”

Interesting coinkydink this morning, I was poking around looking for a game to buy for my new MacBook Pro and not finding much of anything that grabbed my attention when this quote from Peter Molyneaux in MacWorld popped up. It sounds like he’s asking for two things from Apple: 1) better integrated tools for game developers (something analogous to DirectX on the Windows platform), and 2) a strategic statement from Apple that games on the Mac matter, and the company is willing to devote resources to making sure that more games make their way onto OS X.

The overarching problem for Mac users is that there aren’t enough game developers because there aren’t enough game customers, and there aren’t enough game customers because there aren’t enough game developers. To me, this seems like the kind of chicken/egg problem that a visionary developer product initiative combined with a strong evangelism team could resolve.

Update: The NY Times makes this a three-way coinkydink by running a piece today on how Microsoft is going to start pushing Windows more as a gaming platform. I can see how they might have held off doing this over the past 4-5 years as they were trying to establish the XBox; maybe with the Playstation 3 meltdown and consumer acceptance of the XBox 360, Microsoft figures they can afford a little internal cannibalism. (Good for them.)