See the Future Again and Again and Again

Back when I worked at eBay I used to keep a poster up in my cubicle. It was an ad for reruns of Futurama, and the tag line read:

See the future. Again and again and again.

I put the ad up in my cubicle because I love Futurama, but after a while I realized that “see the future again and again” is a pretty good metaphor for what I’m all about. I love new paradigms; I need to be constantly learning and working to bring about the next new thing. For me, this means creating technology products that people love to use and that save them time and money. I’ve never been a big believer in the traditional notion of job security, and there is a strong entrepreneurial streak that goes back for several generations in my family. As many of you know, I ran a one-person consulting business for about five years and turned that into a real business with employees and office space for a few years after that.

This has been in the works for a few months now and a lot of you who know me in the face-to-face world know this already, but I wanted to let the rest of the world know…I’ve left Yahoo!.

I’ve decided to return to consulting for now; I’ve formed a company called Platform Associates for this. I have a lot of breadth in my background, from day-to-day coding to product management at a fairly senior level, to technology marketing, developer relations, web services, and technology evangelism. If you’re interested in getting some help with any kind of technology product (on either a strategic or tactical level), let’s talk.

I’m also working on a Web site to make the process of sharing documents suck much less than the traditional method (which for most people involves sending files around as email attachments). If you’re like me and you think that sending documents as email attachments sucks as well, drop me a line and I’ll send you an invitation to the new site. We’ve got about 3-4 dozen testers banging away on it now but we could definitely use a few dozen more.

Let’s see, what else. The Developer Network is in the supple, nurturing hands of the Yahoo! team I formed and led; that team is now led by Mister Chad Dickerson, so if you need anything from those guys, they’re the ones to talk to.

Things I’ll be looking forward to:

  • Being able to use Dodgeball without guilt
  • Being able to make stuff at breakneck speed without having to go through nine levels of approval
  • Being able to devote an absurd amount of time to technology learning projects (example: today I figured out how to rsync files between two Windows machines, w00t)
  • Being able to set my own schedule, within the bounds of good taste, and spend some time working at home to spend time with my wife and kids before kid #1 heads off to kindergarten at the end of the month
  • Spending lots of quality time with prospective investors and VCs (nearly all of whom have been lovely, seriously)
  • Working until 1 a.m. or whenever because I want to get a particular task done and being able to see an immediate payoff to that even though I feel dog-tired the next morning
  • Being able to overcome the limitations of running an Internet business the way we had to do it in 1999 — particularly in the area of outsourcing, server management, networking, and finding customers.