All You Need to Know about the Actual Merits of “Snakes On A Plane”

Link: Snakes on a Plane – Review – Movies – New York Times.

"There are several different ways to die from an encounter with a snake and this film has them all. Not long after the passenger lights turn off, the rubber, computer-generated and (several hundred) live snakes slither into the main cabin, where they proceed to sink fangs into faces, necks, limbs, torsos, one bared and bountiful female breast and the unseen organ of a male passenger who forgets the number one rule of using strange bathrooms: check the toilet bowl. Naughty by nature or perhaps more by design, these snakes don’t just dart out of toilets; they also slide up bare legs and under dresses, moving in and out of more bodily orifices than the adult-film star Ron Jeremy did in his prime."

I caught the premiere of this last night and I have to say, this movie was extremely entertaining even when you set aside the internet frenzy. It delivers exactly what it promises.