Wii Is Guest of Honor at New Genre of Parties

Link: Wii Is Guest of Honor at New Genre of Parties

Kris Smith called it "the equivalent of a man Tupperware party.” In early December, he and a few pals gathered in a basement in suburban Chicago to try out their friend’s brand new Nintendo Wii video game console. At the end of the night, Smith, 32, was sweaty, exhausted, and completely sold on buying a Wii for himself. Smith, who never enjoyed video games before the Wii, said the console has given him a new way not only to enjoy time with his wife and children, but also to socialize with his friends. After securing his own Wii, Smith, who heads new media initiatives at a start-up, organized a "Wii Tournament" that included an hour warm-up session and a trophy for the winner. The invitation told guests: "If you have ever picked your nose or punched someone, you can get in on the fun.”

Hey, gamers have been having "parties" in which they "get together" and "play" with their "consoles"? Somebody phone the NY Times! Maybe they’ll do a story about it in the next four or five years.

It has always been clear to me that punching and nose-picking have always needed to be more deeply integrated into the gaming experience, and finally the Wii has given it to us.