Outline of My MySQL Talk at VSLive

Here’s a list of slides I’m developing for the MySQL talk I’m giving at VSLive next month. This talk is intended for developers who are proficient with .NET and some kind of relational database but with with little or no exposure to MySQL. I am pretty sure that the talk is going to be 60 minutes in duration, so 30-40 slides should be about right.

Did I leave anything important out? Let me know in comments — thanks!

  1. What is MySQL?
  2. Meta: About Open Source Software
  3. Obtaining MySQL
  4. Installing MySQL
  5. Configuration
  6. Jeffrey’s my.ini File
  7. Gotcha: Security Settings
  8. Command-Line Tools
  9. MySQL GUI Tools
  10. Visual Studio Integration
  11. MySQL Administrator
  12. MySQL Query Browser
  13. Creating a schema
  14. Pluggable Storage Engines
  15. Data Types
  16. Enumerations
  17. Gotcha: Set DATETIME Defaults
  18. Unicode Support
  19. MySQL Query Manager
  20. MySQL ODBC Driver ("it exists")
  21. MySQL ADO.NET Provider
  22. Creating a DataReader
  23. DataReader with Parameters
  24. DataSet
  25. Subselects
  26. Use LIMIT N instead of TOP N
  27. Stored Procedures
  28. Transactions
  29. Triggers
  30. Clustering
  31. Replication
  32. Architecting for Scalability
  33. References