Classic Namco Games on Wii

The other day they announced that they’ve releasing the classic version of Galaga for the Nintendo Wii (it’s available through the online Wii Shop for 500 Wii points, or US$5.00).

Today they announced they’re releasing a bundle of old Namco games for the Nintendo DS. Hopefully this means they’ll make the Namco games available for the Wii at some point as well. Five bucks for a classic arcade game is a no-brainer to me (even though you can play these games illegally on a PC or Mac using MAME for free — it’s still a solitary pursuit).

My big goal is to get the lovely wife to do more gaming with me and kid #1. I play Mario Kart and Lego Star Wars with the kid every day, but Carole’s oft-repeated summary of her gaming interests is "I like Pac-Man," so hopefully the Namco releases (which include classics like Pac-Man, Galaxian and Dig Dug) will lure her into playing with me and Celeste.

It would be cool if they equipped the classic games with awareness of your Wii code so you could share high scores with your friends — it seems to me like the ability to swap high scores with friends would be an easy first step toward online competition without having to do the heavy lifting to make the games sync up with each other in real time. (Plus, it would give people more excuses to use Wii Badges to exchange codes.)