At MySQL Conference This Week

I am spending today preparing for my session at the MySQL conference on Thursday. I’ll be speaking on "MySQL and .NET in the Real World" which will cover my experience creating and will also include a run-through of the Visual Studio integration with MySQL.

Last year I created a little command-line tool that generates MySQL data access classes for .NET 2.0. It’s the tool that generates the data access layer for I am going to open-source this tool this week, most likely before my talk on Thursday, and I will do a demo of the tool as part of my talk at the conference. This tool is very simple — it doesn’t do as much as, say, SubSonic or NHibernate. But it does automatically generate about 80-90% of the data access code used in, and it has a few ease-of-use characteristics that I wanted — mainly a low learning curve, explicit support for MySQL and .NET 2.0 and no dependencies on external libraries other than what you find in the framework.

I need to do an intro/documentation page that describes the tool. I’ll get to that in the next day or two, then I’ll post here when it’s available.