To New York Times Movie Reviewers, California = Hollywood

Link: Georgia Rule – Movies – Review – New York Times.

"’Georgia Rule,’ in which Jane Fonda washes Lindsay Lohan’s mouth out with soap, might easily have been a tepid, sudsy puddle of easy sentiment and soft comedy….Small-town values triumph over flashy, big-city California relativism, as happens exclusively (and frequently) in Hollywood movies. You’ve seen it all before."

Because, you know, there are no small towns in California. Or values, this would seem to imply.

I’m really, really hoping that the reviewer isn’t trying to use Lindsay Lohan as a metaphor for the supposed moral bankruptcy of Hollywood, since she’s a product of New York, not California. But we mustn’t let facts get in the way when we can spice up our lede with a lazy stereotype that has nothing to do with the actual movie we’re reviewing.