Tivo Posts its First Profit

Ha ha! Eat it, haters.

This morning I was preparing a big long post about how analysts seem to be approaching this company with all of the critical thinking power of a herd of lemmings in springtime, focusing on this supposedly risky competitive landscape while completely missing the fact that four years into the age of the DVR, Tivo still has the best freaking product on the market, they’re doing a ton of interesting partnerships and feature releases and nobody who uses a competing product is truly passionate about it.

But there’s no need for a lot of deep counter-analysis, all you need to do is look at the scoreboard. As a wise man once said, "I look funny, but yo, I’m making money." Let the cable companies burn up money broadening the DVR market — Tivo
will be there when their millions of subscribers decide they want the
real deal.

I had this crazy psychic premonition that Tivo was going to beat the street today so I listened to the Tivo quarterly earnings call live (it’s still going on at this moment).