Fever Builds for iPhone (Anxiety Too)

Link: Fever Builds for iPhone (Anxiety Too)

"Certainly there are skeptics. The high price will limit the phones’ appeal to true believers. The cellular network that the iPhone operates on is slower than those of many of its rivals. Several of Apple’s handset competitors hope that its decision not to include a keyboard, relying instead on a touch-screen virtual keyboard, will limit the attractiveness of the iPhone in text-intensive business markets."

Eureka: a not entirely terrible piece on the impending iPhone from the Times’ most capable technology writer, John Markoff. Although you can argue that he buries the lede — he doesn’t get around to mentioning that the hype has far outpaced the as-yet-unreleased device’s capabilities until about halfway through the piece. If he were able to get someone at Apple to admit this (which it seems like he did), you’d think that would be the main thrust of the story, no?

I suppose that no writer ever lost his job for contributing to the Steve Jobs reality distortion field, but it seems fishy to literally refer to the iPhone as "God" at the beginning of your piece and then mentioning ten grafs later that, by the way, the device is going to cost much more and do a little less than other phones on the market today.