AIR Supply

Am I just lame or is it not possible to build the “Hello World” example application for the Adobe AIR beta (formerly “Apollo”) on the Macintosh? I followed the walkthrough pretty closely and got stuck on the part where you test the application from the command line (the AIR debug launcher wouldn’t launch).

This technology is so interesting and promising, but it sure doesn’t look like Adobe has a developer-ease-of-use czar on its team. And putting the AIR tools under the rubric of “Adobe Labs” makes me nervous — it makes the whole initiative appear really provisional. Real laboratories do all kinds of experiments on unwitting test subjects and those experiments often fail — so “labs” is not a terrific way to brand a bet-the-company initiative like AIR.

I realize that this is an early beta, but the lack of polish is such a time-waster, and I’m a pretty busy guy — it makes me want to set all this aside for a year or whenever things are working a little better.