Apple Releasing a Windows Browser

Link: Apple Releasing a Windows Browser

"Like many of Apple’s strategic moves, the implication of an Apple browser for Windows was not immediately clear, but it is likely that Mr. Jobs is now plotting a broader business strategy that will allow Apple to grow beyond its niche position in the computer market of about 5 percent."

Since the NY Times’ John Markoff can’t imagine why Apple would port Safari to Windows, I’ll suggest one reason why it would make sense. It’s not because, as Markoff suggests, Safari on Windows will help Apple grow market share for the Macintosh (I’m not even sure why it would follow that a Windows user, after using Safari, would want to go out and buy a Mac). Safari on Windows makes sense because Safari will be a development tool and debugging environment for the iPhone, and Apple wisely realizes that developers might not want to purchase a bunch of new Macs just to write software for the new phone.