Colma: The Musical

Link: Colma: The Musical

"Yet even when the songs convey a sense of the larger world, they remain as personal as a confession. When the three friends sing the movie’s opener, ‘Colma Stays,’ both separately and together, they are literally traveling through a physical space (‘Everybody has their call/And everyone in Colma ends up at the mall’) that has also shaped their interior landscapes (‘Colma stays, a place I was born/Wanting, sad, forsaken, forlorn)."

For some time I have wondered why independent cinema has not concerned itself more deeply with the musical form. Also, I have spent much time wondering why the tiny Bay Area burg of Colma has not received its own musical homage. Clearly, now, my wondering may cease.

Seriously, this sounds terrific and I can’t wait to see it. The Times review was pretty charitable considering this is an independent film with a low budget, but the reviewer still seemed to like it (comparing it favorably to West Side Story, of all things).