A Variation on the DVR, Without Ad Skipping

Link: A Variation on the DVR, Without Ad Skipping

"’We have a particular sensitivity to the needs of business in every stage in the value chain, because we’re part of a diversified media company,’ Mr. Stern of Time Warner Cable said."

This fascinating new-economy corollary to "the customer is always right" must make Time Warner Cable subscribers feel pretty warm and fuzzy.

Has any customer in the history of DVR technology ever stepped up and said "you know, this DVR thing is terrific, but what I’d really prefer is to lose the ability to skip commercials so that I can satisfy the needs of businesses in every stage of the value chain?" Customers who aren’t on crack, I mean.

Early in my history as a participant in the corporate value chain I decided that the cable companies would never get a nickel of my money. Every so often, something like this comes along to validate that rule.