Comcast Blocks Most Bittorrent Traffic

Link: AP Tests Comcast’s File – Sharing Filter

"In two out of three tries, the [bittorrent] transfer was blocked. In the third, the transfer started only after a 10-minute delay. When we tried to upload files that were in demand by a wider number of BitTorrent users, those connections were also blocked."

Here’s yet another reason why Comcast and the rest of the cable TV mini-monopolies will never get a dime of our money. The reporter tested Comcast’s bittorrent-blocker by trying to download a public domain file — the Bible — from computers in several locations. They discovered that Comcast is blocking bittorrent. While they’re not blocking it everywhere across their network, the block is implemented at the protocol level, which means that if you want to use a Comcast cable modem to share a video you shot or a song you wrote using bittorrent, you’re out of luck.

I wonder what happens when game developers and others start adopting bittorrent more broadly to distribute demos and patches? I’d also be interested to know the technical details of how bittorrent gets blocked — it seems like it would have to be something that bittorrent clients could defeat if they knew more about what’s going on.

I hope Comcast loses a bunch of customers over this.