Fake Steve Twittering Real Steve

This is not to be missed: Fake Steve Jobs attended today’s MacWorld keynote and live-Twittered it. It’s vulgar and hilarious.

I think that Dave was one of the twelve people who bought an Apple TV before they made it work right and lowered the price; it’ll be interesting to see what his upgrade experience is like.

Not excited about the MacBook Air, even if it is impossibly thin, etc. I don’t need a smaller screen and a smaller hard drive, I need a bigger hard drive, 3G wireless everywhere for a fixed rate of $20 a month, and more battery life. And more memory. And a pony.

Paying $20 apiece to equip our two iPod Touch devices with software that should have been there in the first place will make me feel like a choad, but I’ll probably do it at some point, maybe.

A movie rental that expires after 24 hours is still a stupid idea, particularly for people whose kids constantly screw up their plans. Extending the intentional bit-rot factor, even slightly (like to 27 hours) would be a big help. But even then, this feels like the flip side of the Blockbuster coin that consumers have been rejecting in droves in favor of the Netflix model. Instead of dinging you with endless late fees they simply disappear the movie you paid for. Dumb model.

A wireless terabyte network attached storage device for $500 is kind of interesting.

Still, nothing to make me leap out of my chair and run to the Apple store this year. (A 3G iPhone, maybe with more storage, might have done that this time around, and I will probably want to replace my mid-2006 MacBook Pro before the end of 2008, but there’s no rush on that.)