Sun/MySQL and .NET

Woke up this morning to the Sun/MySQL news; my initial thought was "uh oh". My big concern is whether Sun will continue to support languages-that-are-not-Java as well as MySQL has been doing.

But my concerns were at least partially laid to rest when MySQL’s CEO Marten Mickos explicitly called out their support for lots of different languages (including C#) and said they’ll continue to do so in the future. That’s good to hear, although as soon as the ink dries on the acquisition, it won’t be solely up to Marten to determine how much support Sun provides for a competing technology stack that Scott McNealy once referred to as "a joke". In fairness, that 2003 quote did more to reveal McNealy’s own ignorance regarding his competitors’ products than anything else, and of course he’s no longer calling the shots at Sun on a day-to-day basis. But still.

This is a concern for everyone because MySQL comprises the foundations of the technology stacks of so many companies, including (which uses .NET and MySQL). It’s also a key component in the stacks of many of Platform Associates clients including Alfresco and others. On his blog, Alfresco’s CTO John Newton is raving about the opportunities the deal will provide. If he’s happy, then I’m happy.