Creating Facebook Apps Using ASP.NET at VSLive San Francisco

The VSLive conference is an excellent place to become familiar with the latest and greatest technologies for Microsoft platform development. I started speaking at VSLive in 1996 which makes it one of the oldest things I do on a regular basis besides eating/breathing/excreting. VSLive takes place in San Francisco March 30 through April 3.

I am extra excited this year because for the first time in a long time they’ve given me three talks to do, but more importantly, the talks are all on subjects that are fairly out there at least by this conference’s standards (the old management used to be extremely conservative about what you could and couldn’t give talks about). The conference has definitely found an independent editorial voice under its new management and as a result, the talks that I was sure would get laughed off the playground are actually getting accepted.

The Facebook talk was the most challenging to put together and promises to be the most fun. Facebook’s platform is a new, evolving and fairly unusual paradigm for application development — it has some of the elements of traditional web development with a few curve balls that make it feel almost like embedded systems development at times. And since Facebook’s support for PHP is sorta-okay and their support for other languages is not-terrific, things can go from bad to worse for .NET developers who want to create Facebook apps. (It’s surprising that Microsoft doesn’t do much to fill the gap here since they own 11% of Facebook now, but that shouldn’t stop an ambitious hacker from making good software, right?)

You may not want to go to the trouble of learning PHP just to create a Facebook app (although I’m actually doing just that), so I’ve put together some recipes that make it easier to navigate the landscape of Facebook application development in .NET, so that’ll be the focus of my first VSLive talk.

Bonus: If you haven’t registered yet, the good folks at the conference also gave me a promotion code that you can use to save $695 off a Gold Passport for the conference. Use the code SPMCM when you register to get the discount.