Slides and Code for Data-Driven ASP.NET Ajax Talk

Even though I was frazzled and exhausted after battling airlines and airports trying to get home yesterday and today, I arrived for VSLive exactly eighteen minutes before my first scheduled talk, which was on using .NET to build Facebook applications. The talk went pretty well and was decently attended but it was challenging to cover the material in a 75-minute talk. If I do this talk again, I’m going to reorganize the content somewhat, maybe include a few diagrams and definitely some more code examples.

My afternoon talk, Data-Driven ASP.NET Ajax, was an updated version of a talk I gave at VSLive NYC last year that was very well-attended and well-received. Here are the slides and code for that talk. Because I used System.Data.SQLite as the database, the demos require no setup or configuration; just open the web site in Visual Studio and peruse to your heart’s content.