Charred Smoky Hellscape

Santa Barbara Hellscape

Susan: how goes the idyllic so cal lifestyle?

me: it’s mostly a charred smoky hellscape with intermittent power outages and light ash rain.

other than that, terrific!

the weird thing is, when i left SB, the city was also on fire. was one of the biggest fires they ever had, burned like 600 homes, killed a couple of people. so it’s like i never left!
sort of wondering if i somehow cause massive brush fires.
the 1990 fire did kick start my news reporting career, so i was the big winner there.
Susan: firestarter
just like drew
me: no! i don’t actually start the fires. i had to convince people in the newsroom of that often
on slow news days the managing editor would sometimes say “well, we could have mcmanus go out and start a fire or something” and i’d be like “sure”
better than working in the office. getting paid to hike and talk to cute county fire dept. public relations officers. dream job, really
only once did i come close to death, and that wasn’t from fire, it was when an all female CDF prison work crew armed with chain saws got a little too close to my ankles. i was more scared of them than the 40 foot high wall of flame on the other side
i should be blogging all this, it’s comedy gold really
Susan: it is