ASP.NET Ajax Will Incorporate JQuery

From the most excellent blog of the most excellent Scott Guthrie comes news that Microsoft will incorporate and ship the outstanding JQuery Javascript/AJAX library in a future version of ASP.NET Ajax.

This is a tremendous win for JQuery, which already has the momentum of a runaway freight train in a space that has been profoundly fragmented and confused for many years now. It’s also a huge win for Microsoft. Although they’ve been touting their openness to open source concepts and practice for the last few years, Microsoft has also demonstrated its willingness to frustratingly re-invent the wheel in a proprietary fashion1. This demonstrates that there are still open thinkers within Microsoft who are willing to incorporate community-driven standards and technologies.

The only loser here may be me. Although I incorporated JQuery into my Data-Driven ASP.NET Ajax talk recently, I’ll need to update the talk once again to incorporate Microsoft’s formal support for JQuery when it becomes available. (I’ll be giving this talk at VSLive Las Vegas in October as well as the VBUG UK conference in Reading in November.)

If you’re looking to come up to speed on JQuery I can recommend the excellent Learning JQuery by Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg as well as JQuery in Action by Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz.

1See: Silverlight, Velocity, et al.