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Our SF Sketchfest Schedule

sf_sketchfestReally looking forward to SF Sketchfest, which starts this week. I’ve always loved live comedy but I couldn’t articulate how much I love going to shows until we went to a Groundlings show in LA last year with a sports-watching buddy. “This,” I said, as we exited the theater, “is my live sports.”

Last year the entertainment highlight of the year was the staged reading of Wet Hot American Summer and the Groundlings improv show, where I posed for photos with the excellent Jim Rash, a Groundling who stars as Dean Pelton on Community and won last year’s Oscar for best adapted screenplay (“The Descendents”). I heard he sold his latest film for about a bazillion dollars at Sundance this week, and I can’t wait to see it.

Anyway, this year we’re seeing more Sketchfest shows than ever, starting with Judge John Hodgman¬†tonight.

The other shows we’re going to see include:

  • Futurama Live (Saturday January 26)
  • Party Down with Party Down (Saturday February 9)
  • Theme Park Improv (Saturday February 9)
  • Don’t Let the Comedians Do Story Time (with children’s book author Mo Willems, Sunday February 10)
  • An Afternoon with Burning Love (Sunday February 10)

Let me know if you’re going to any of these shows, we can get drinks or whatnot. (I guess we could get mimosas before the Mo Willems show, since that starts at 11 in the morning.)