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Carole to College of Cardinals: Play Ball!

On the way to work this morning Carole half-heard something on the radio and said "huh?" She thought it was weird that the Cardinals would be performing ancient rituals and voting in secret when they should be, you know, playing baseball down in St. Louis or somewhere. No, dear, this is the College of Cardinals. You know, the ones in Rome, picking a pope.

Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was funny. Anyway.

This was the first day commuting down to work with the whole family. It was pretty cool! Celeste took to the iPod pretty well, except on the way home, she complained of pain in her ear. We’re hoping it was a pre-existing ear infection (since she was only hurty in one ear) and not, as I initially feared, a result of blasting the soundtrack from Mary Poppins at maximum volume for an hour during our freeway commute home.

Do You Know The Way To…Doelger City?

I was looking up directions on Yahoo Maps last night (last-minute driver’s license renewal, blah). While looking at the map I noticed that Yahoo Maps thinks there’s a neighborhood in SF called “Doelger City”. A little Googling reveals that at one point, the Sunset district was mostly built by a guy named Doelger and at one point it was known as Doelger City. Does anybody use this term today? I wonder where Yahoo unearthed it?

Good News, Bad News

I had some sadness yesterday when I went out to the parking lot and my beloved Cherokee wouldn’t start up.

I really hate it when my car breaks down. It’s really just a matter of inconvenience and money, but for some reason I get all bent out of shape about it. It could be that I know zero about cars and I feel totally helpless when something goes wrong. I can’t even change a tire. I’m a loser, I know.

I perked up significantly this afternoon when I found out that I’d won this huge award at work. Among other things, my internal evangelism of weblog and RSS technology was called out in the award. You can see this today on the Developers Program weblog, but you’ll start to see this technology appear in more places on eBay soon. If you are a developer using the eBay API, the weblog is now the best and fastest way to get information regarding what’s going on with the API platform. Soon you’ll be able to get this kind of information for the main site as well, which will be most excellent for buyers and sellers as well as developers.

I’m totally humbled by the award — today I’m the lone geek sitting in a business unit populated by mostly MBAs, so when I came to work here I wasn’t 100% sure that I’d fit in, and even if I did if I’d be able to accomplish anything significant. I am now 100% sure. 🙂

Update: Just got off the phone with the shop, the car is fine — just a dead battery and a blown fuse.

How to Brainstorm

I like brainstorming. I have this tendency to be really critical in brainstorming sessions a lot of the time, but ultimately I think that the best brainstorming sessions happen when participants try to come up with both the best idea and the worst idea. I think I may have accomplished this when we recently tried to cook up a catchy new name for the eBay Developers Conference (which will take place in New Orleans in June of 2004). I won’t say what I think the “best” name was until the name of the conference is officially announced, but I will share what I think the “worst” name was: “eBay CODE HOOTENANNY 2004.” Dig it!

I Want Cables with Reels

Last week at Fry’s I picked up a teeny tiny $20 Targus optical mouse for use with laptops, on planes, etc. I carry it around with me in my bag. The really cool thing about the mouse that I didn’t realize until I got it out of the box, though, is the fact that the cable that connects the mouse to the computer has this neat little reel in the middle. If you only want the cable to be three inches long, you pull out three inches, and the rest of the cable resides in the reel, nice and tidy. To get the whole thing to retract into the reel, you just push a little button and it reels itself in automatically, sort of like the way a tape measure works.

Now I want an ethernet cable with the same kind of reel attached to it, because sometimes I want an ethernet cable that’s five feet long, but sometimes I want it to be fifteen feet long. I’d totally pay a premium for this kind of thing (especially after I went to Fry’s this week and bought, you guessed it, a thirty foot ethernet cable and a separate fifteen foot cable). I’d much rather pay 50% more for a single retractable cable than pay 200% more for two cables.

If only Radio Shack‘s new Director of Innovation were listening…Dave?

Update Douglas Coler writes in to say that Keyspan already sells this kind of thing. Excellent…