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Competition is Killing Higher Education

While overestimating the value of competition can lead to less, not more, innovation, underestimating the value of cooperation tends to discourage the exploration of possibilities for creative interaction. With escalating costs, limited resources and growing political concern about student debt, institutions should be developing innovative ways to cooperate that will prove to be mutually beneficial, in the same way that companies merge and become more efficient.

Mark Taylor, “How Competition is Killing Higher Education

This is one of the (mostly-overlooked) points I made a few weeks ago in my post “More Universities Should Shut Down Their Computer Science Programs“. It’s by the same author I cited in my post, Mark Taylor of Columbia University.

In a world in which information-sharing is easier than ever, it should not be necessary for students to tolerate a mediocre academic department. Instead it should be possible for students to take advantage of the best instructors and curricula no matter where they happen to be located.