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Saville Factory Fonts

Peter Saville, the graphic artist behind the look of Factory Records’ (Joy Division, New Order, et al.) promotional material and album covers, has a Web site on which he makes available the fonts he created during that era. If I do my next white paper in “New Order ‘Brotherhood’,” will anybody notice?

Bitstream Vera is the bomb

I like fonts. The good folks over at Bitstream made a family of fonts available to the open-source community. Normal mortals like us can download them for free and use them. (If you’re a l33t font hax0r, like my hero Mister Chank Diesel, you can even edit them and create derivative fonts of your own based on them.)

The only thing I’m picky about when it comes to editors is the way my monospace font looks. Courier and its derivatives are ass. The monospace font in the Vera family, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, is simple, but it’s much cooler than my previous favorite (Lucida Console). I have great eyesight but I usually turn the text in my editor up to 14 point because I’m more comfortable editing code at that size for some reason. Lucida Console is great-looking at 14 point, nice and thick but a little wide. Vera Sans is even better — it’s narrower, so you have less trouble with text scrolling off the right side of the window. Also, Vera Sans Mono puts a dot in the middle of the zero, just like the 3270 screen font does, so you can easily tell the difference between a zero and a capital O. The font also adds a nice subtle curve to the bottom of the lower-case L so you’ll never confuse it with the number 1. Mmmm, curvy.