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Moving Houses

Did I mention we moved? We moved. New neighborhood is Sunnyside/Glen Park which gets us within walking distance to BART and 15-20 minutes closer to work. Yesss!

Our previous fine home in the Richmond is now for sale. Attention all employees of George Lucas, this is the place you want to buy if you want to live within spitting distance of the Letterman Digital Arts Center (here’s a map showing the eight-minute commute from the place on 27th Avenue to the Presidio). Naturally, non-Lucasites are welcome to check out the place as well. It’s a swell neighborhood with excellent access to Golden Gate Park, downtown SF, and Marin via the Golden Gate bridge. The house itself sports a spacious garage and a kickass back yard which we’ve enjoyed enormously over the past six years.

Update: Our agent showed the place last weekend and it’s open this weekend as well. Lots of people came by to see it, he said, which is very encouraging. We’re very much looking forward to not owning two houses.

New Digs

We’ve just moved into the house that we hope to stay in until our kid(s) leave college. It’s also about fifteen minutes closer to work on a good day, but it’s still in San Francisco — the best of all worlds, in many ways.

A lot of our crap isn’t unpacked yet (my underwear and our eating utensils are currently MIA). So we ate Chinese delivery with our fingers tonight because the restaurant forgot to include chopsticks.

After dinner, this conversation happened:

Carole: (picking up a fortune cookie) Time for fortune!
Me: (snidely) I’d prefer fame.
Carole: We gotta pay for this propperdy somehow!

Then she cracks open the fortune cookie and it says: "You will have a long and wealthy life." Wacky.

Update: I have located the box that contains my underwear.