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Product Manager Position at Yahoo!

I’m looking to hire a product manager to join the developer network team at Yahoo. We’re looking for someone pretty senior and technical, preferably with lots of experience working with developers and web services. Click the link below for the full description; drop me a line (my first name and last name @ if you or someone you know is interested.

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Louis on Leaving eBay for Google

I was surprised yesterday when I heard from Adam that Louis Monier had left eBay for Google. Then today I ran across this John Batelle interview with him, in which Louis explained his reasons for leaving:

"The main reason for me to leave is that eBay does not absorb innovation
at the pace I enjoy, and its focus is narrower than Google. So rather
than chewing on variations of e-commerce for the next few years, I’m
very tempted to play with radically new stuff: satellites images,
machine translation, ways to extract knowledge from giant bodies of
data … who knows what else?"

Yup, I hear ya.

Jobs via RSS

Today’s fun task is to go through all the Yahoo! properties and catalog which properties supply RSS feeds. There are a buttload of them. (I’ll publish my results on the developer Web site presently.)

I unearthed a fun one on the HotJobs site. If you do any kind of search on HotJobs, the search results are displayed along with an RSS link (which you can optionally add to My Yahoo with a single click). F’rinstance, this link is an RSS feeds that contains jobs at Yahoo itself, but you can hack up the URL to work for any keyword.

More Job Madness

I’ve got two openings on my team at Yahoo, one is for a Manager of Marketing and Community for the Y! Developer Network, and the other is for a Technical Evangelist/Developer Support specialist.

For the marketing/community position, a strong technology marketing background (preferably targeting a developer audience) and hands-on experience supporting an online community is crucial.

For the evangelist/support role, we’re more flexible with respect to what you’ve done in the past (a coder looking for a new set of challenges would work, a sales engeering type might work, I’d even consider a technical documentation specialist if you’re on the more technical side). What’s most important is that elusive combination of technical experience, great communication skills, and a passion for helping developers.

Yahoo is a nice place to work and we’re going to be building out our third-party developer initiatives significantly in the coming year, so if you’ve ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of something big, now’s your chance.

Shoot me an email (my first and last name at yahoo dot com) if you’re interested.

Update Removed the deep links because the job web site wasn’t liking them, sorry. (Why do job web sites not support deep permanent links? Stooopid.) Anyway, to find the description, go to the Yahoo careers site and do a keyword search for the phrase “internet platform,” that will bring up both positions. OK? OK!

Job Madness, Spring 2005 Edition

Those of you who follow the McManus job topic here know that the last time I posted job-related stuff, I was scrambling to staff up my team over at the old place and also trying to get my wife hooked up with a job as well.

Carole is now happily ensconced at Yahoo! (as am I). And as often happens after a job search, a few slow-on-the-draw responses keep trickling in. Sooooo, if you’re got a few years of product management under your belt, have a specialization in online community applications, would like to attack something more senior (Director-level), let me know and I will hook you up. (I actually have two recruiters asking me about this, one within Yahoo! and one at another company. I’ll give you to the Yahoo! guy first.)

Moving On

Today’s my last day at eBay. I’m moving on to take a position at Yahoo which will start next week. I’ll give more details after I figure out where they keep the paper clips and stuff over there, but suffice it to say that it’s a most excellent opportunity that will involve working with Yahoo’s new developer initiatives. Not only do I get to work with the always outrageous Jeremy Zawodny, but I get to start carpooling with Carole and Celeste. What’s not to love?

I should mention that I’m still a huge believer in eBay and its promise and I wish my team, which will now be headed up by the indomitable Adam Trachtenberg, all the best.

Job Update

Update on the job situation: It took a while, but I’ve filled all the slots on my team for the moment. Thanks to everyone who referred folks. I may get to fire up the big McManus hire-o-matic again after the first of the year.

Meanwhile, Carole has had promising potential opportunities and is doing some consulting, but is still looking for a full-time gig. If you are looking for a kickass web producer/product manager/online community manager to work in the Bay Area, let me know and I’ll be happy to introduce you.

To give you a sense of what she’s like to work with, she just joined the board of directors of our daughter’s school — they begged her to join because, in their words, she’s “CALM”.

I may have a tiny budget for contract coders in the November/December timeframe. Embarassingly low pay, but it’s fairly easy part-time work that you should be able to do from anywhere. The work should not require genius-level technical experience (just some familiarity with the concept of making calls via XML-over-HTTP in any language). I must stress that if you are accustomed to making fat bags of cash as a systems consultant, this work is probably not for you (what I need is really on the cusp between coding, QA and technical documentation) but it will get you some exposure to the thousands of individuals and companies that use the eBay API. Let me know or leave a comment if you’re interested.