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Now Here Is A Company That Really Gets Online Community

The clueless choads at Friendster fired my good pal Joyce on Friday. The reason, as near as she can tell, was for judicious blogging about her job. One of the things she did there was replace their Java infrastructure with PHP and she was pretty candid on her blog about the decisions that went into that, but she certainly didn’t say anything bad about the company on there — it looks like the CEO saw her blog, freaked out, and zapped her because of it.

Pretty bizarre behavior for a community company, particularly when Joyce was busting her ass over there. In her words, “I was sleeping under my desk at 6AM on Friday, shitcanned at 3PM Monday.”

Why You Should Hire Carole

Carole, my wife, runs the 1.7 million member online community at TechTV. Since it looks like Comcast aims to plow that community under following their acquisition/merger with this unfortunate beast known as G4, she’s looking for a new job. Carole is a kickass Web producer/project manager with a great eye for usability and what works online. She’s also a tremendous advocate for users and good user experience. And if that isn’t enough, she’s sweet as pie (duh) and a kick in the pants to work with — I know all this because we worked together for two years (and we’re still in lurv, amazingly enough). Check out her resume here and lemme know if you know anywhere she might fit. (She’s looking for something in the SF Bay Area, Silicon Valley, that kinda thing.) Thanks!