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San Francisco Schools Map

Here’s a Y! map of all San Francisco K-8 schools. I put this together several months ago but I decided not to release it until my kid got into kindergarten. (We are just that competitive with our four-year-old.)

We found this map to be very helpful last year when we were trying to figure out where to apply for Celeste. We obviously wanted her to get in somewhere "good" but we also didn’t want to have to drop her off in north beach every morning before turning around and commuting down the peninsula. We’re very excited that we got our first choice, which is the Spanish immersion program at Fairmount Elementary, about five minutes drive from our house. Muy bueno!

Yahoo! MapMaker for Excel 1.02

Just released a new version of my Excel spreadsheet that lets you plot data on a Yahoo! Map, this makes an adjustment to get around a server side change that made the template unusable by just about everybody. It’s now fixed, hooray!

People have asked me to add geocoding to this and I’ll try to get around to adding that, maybe over the holidays. I also want to add the ability to specify custom icons for each map position, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Fun Features of the New Y! Maps

Yahoo! Local GM and amateur blog critic Paul Levine and I are in IMs right now, watching the returns on the launch meander through the blogosphere via Technorati.

Paul Levine: btw, when you talk about only-at-yahoo features, i usually point to 5:
Paul Levine: 1) multi-point directions
Paul Levine: 2) drag-and-drop interactivity
Paul Levine: 3) reverse business lookup
Paul Levine: 4) address book integration / autocomplete
Paul Levine: 5) minimap
Paul Levine: plus things like traffic and send-to-phone which we launched almost a year ago and still noone else has
Jeffrey McManus: somebody should blog all that
Paul Levine: yea — who?
Jeffrey McManus: if only we knew somebody with a blog
Paul Levine: ha

Yahoo! MapMaker for Excel 1.01

Just posted an update that adds support for the Country tag (which lets our Canadian friends play) and fixes a bug that prevented some folks, particularly Excel 2000 users, from using the template.

Go git it.

Here’s a map of Dundee, a historic district of Omaha, that was plotted using the tool. Looks like the Dundee folks jettisoned their blog, too bad.