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The Live World Tour

I will be speaking and giving live demonstrations of twice in the next few weeks.

The first demo will be at the Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup in Palo Alto tonight (October 3).

The next will be at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco next week. The conference is October 11-12 but my session will be at 10AM on Thursday the 12th. The session is a competitive series of lightning demos; Approver is going up against a dozen or so other “Office 2.0” tools and applications. At the end the audience will vote for their favorite demo, so if you’re going to the conference and you’re an fancier, do please attend and vote for your favorite beige web site.

I’ll also be speaking (although probably not demoing) at the Evans Development Products Conference in San Jose on Friday, October 20. This talk will be less about consumer sites and more about my experience developing, launching and managing platform products for developers, so if you want a taste of what I’ve been doing on the consulting side, here’s your chance.

Update: Just got word that the Evans conference is cancelled, so if you want to see the McManus floor show, your only chance will be at the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco this week.

At STIRR Next Weds September 13

I’ll be at the STIRR Mixer in San Francisco next Wednesday. I attended one of these a few months back and found it to be very valuable and fun. It’s always inspiring to see what other entrepeneurs are up to.

If you’re going to be there too and you want to talk or if you want to talk consulting, please do come find me. I am all about the networking these days.

Office 2.0 Conference October 12-13

I’ll be speaking on a panel at the upcoming Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco October 12-13.

"Office 2.0" refers to Web 2.0 productivity applications — stuff to help you save time online, get stuff accomplished, and share your work with others. Many of these apps (too many, I’d argue) involve creating not-quite-good-enough versions of conventional client applications like editors and database applications in the browser, but a lot of them are starting to take advantage of the unique properties of the web to facilitate things that aren’t easily accomplished using client software.

We’re on the cusp of something very interesting with Web-based productivity applications. The next year or two is going to be revolutionary as people begin to utilize the Web to achieve things that simply aren’t possible using existing client productivity suites. The key, I think, is to refrain from re-inventing Word for Windows 2.0 in the browser and focus on the things that make the web a unique medium: always on, accessible from any browser and any device, powered by people with user preferences at the center of everything, and so forth.

I was in the audience at an Under the Radar session on Office 2.0 applications last night. It was an interesting preview of what we’ll see at the conference in October. All four demos were quite impressive; Zoho deservedly took the audience choice prize. The depth of what those guys are doing is nothing short of amazing.

As I mentioned on the blog last week, I’m currently working on a web-based tool that attacks a small facet of document-sharing that has bugged the crap out of me for years. The site is almost ready for public consumption, but if you’d like an advance peek, let me know and I’ll hook you up.

Travel: Boston and XTech Amsterdam

I’m off next week on a couple of trips, first to Boston on Tuesday for a couple of days of meetings with Patty Seybold and her posse of customer-experience-loving, service-oriented ninjas and ninjettes. Then I’m off to Amsterdam to give a keynote talk at XTech. It looks like there will be a bunch of excellent talks there, more than enough to keep me out of trouble — I’m particularly looking forward to Ajax Developer’s Day.

More Speaking Engagements

In addition to the aforementioned Evans Data Developer Relations conference, here are the other upcoming speaking engagements I’m signed up to do:

  • Adobe Technical Summit (this is an internal engineering all-hands that I’m very stoked to be speaking at)
  • O’Reilly Emerging Technology, March 6-9
  • Microsoft Mix06, March 20-22
  • XTech, May 16-19

I’m not committing to any travel after XTech because of the impending baby event (3 weeks before the due date is cutting it kind of close anyway).

My Speaking Schedule Has Become Downright Unreasonable

Pretty much out of nowhere, my calendar has filled up with all manner of speaking engagements. Coming up is the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference in San Francisco on Monday February 6, where I’ll be giving a talk about, you know, developer relations and stuff. I’ll post more about the other gigs after I get the details squared away.

Konfabulator at OSCON This Week

I’ll be heading up to Portland tomorrow night with my whole team for OSCON. I’ll be giving a talk on Yahoo! Web Services and Konfabulator on Wednesday morning and I’ll be in the Yahoo! booth on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. Stop by and say hi if you’re at the show.

Update: Here’s the description of the talk I’m going to give on Wednesday morning. This will be the first public demo of Konfabulator 2.1 as far as I know and definitely the first demo of our new comparison shopping API, which just launched on Tuesday.