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Tears for Fears, “The Way You Are”

One of my favorite tracks by the emo-before-emo-was-cool duo, owing to some deeply strange and personal connotations with my freshman year in college. I was surprised to learn via Wikipedia that the band consider this song to be among their worst. I think it’s their masterpiece in many ways. Well, anyway. The favorite part of unearthing this was the YouTube comment: “This must be the 80s, there are British people doing engineering and there’s not a call centre in sight.” Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, wait.

This is related to last week’s Monday music post in that both songs did not appear on full albums at the time they were released (Big Country’s “Wonderland” was released as an EP, which I owned, while “The Way You Are” was a 12″ single and never appeared on a vinyl LP. You remember LPs, don’t you, kids?)