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Dec. 30 in San Francisco: Drinking for Dean

The Dean campaign, bless their little hearts, suggested that people have house parties on Dec. 30 to begin the 311-day countdown to the next presidential election. That sounded like a good enough excuse to do some early New Year’s drinking, so we’re having one.

If you’re reading this, you’re invited. If you’re not reading this, you’re invited too. Remember, this is on Dec. 30 — the night before New Year’s Eve. You know you’re not busy that night, so if you’re within harpooning distance of San Francisco, c’mon by. More information (as well as donor and RSVP links) is on the Dean site. Do please RSVP on the site so we know how many cans of cocktail wieners to buy ahead of time.

To add some fizz to the whiz-bang, we’ve cajoled a few buddies of ours who are kickass artists (El Rey and Richard Kadrey) to bring some new works along and put ’em on our walls during the fete. C’mon by and enjoy the art and drink our booze, and bring your checkbook if you’re interested in going home with a fine piece of original art.