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Reasons to Not Start a Michael Jackson Moonwalking Flashmob

Link: Rob Manuel: How I started the Jacko flashmob by accident

I have stuff to do, I have a newsletter to write and a meal to cook for my wife. She’d demanded Spaghetti Bolognese and tells me, “you cook the best spag bog in North London.” She delights in calling it “bog”, it’s her reference to my Midlands origins, and she never misses an opportunity to mention it. Hence we then spend the next 30 minutes imagining a soap opera set in Birmingham called “Brummies” featuring a 38 year old bloke called Dave, who’d obsessed with Neds Atomic Dustbin and lives with his keeping-up-appearances mother. Dave has dreads, wears long shorts, and tries to be down with the kids by handing up C90s of mash-ups based upon early 90s greebo culture. You see, we were busy.

Conan O’Brien Sidekick Joins “Tonight Show”

Great news, the very funny Andy Richter will rejoin Conan O’Brien when he takes over the Tonight Show in June. We watched the last episode of Conan’s “Late Night” last Friday and it was hilarious.

O’Brien said in a statement that Richter is “one of the funniest people I know” and that the two have remained friends since Richter left NBC’s “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” in 2000 to pursue an acting career.

O’Brien also joked that he is glad to have Richter back, because his former sidekick owes him $300.

Conan O’Brien Sidekick Joins “Tonight Show”

So What Are You Doing for New Year’s?

[carole (pts/58 11:32):
are you getting the cnn nye ad on your facebook, speaking of making your spouse laugh]
[jeffrey (pts/28 11:33):
yeah, who was it that said “i wonder what fox news is doing for NYE?”]

[carole (pts/58 11:33):

[carole (pts/58 11:34):
sarah palin and jeff foxworthy, with a special appearance by andy williams and bill o’reilly]

[jeffrey (pts/28 11:34):
o’reilly wil be doing his soft shoe accompanied by the del rubio triplets]

[carole (pts/58 11:35):
the zombie del rubio triplets]

[jeffrey (pts/28 11:35):

[carole (pts/58 11:35):
they will starve trying to feast on palin’s brains]

[jeffrey (pts/28 11:36):
ha ha ha h ah aha haha]

Sort of makes you wish you were autistic

Link: Reaching an Autistic Teenager

“The group turned to registering for spring classes. In addition to biology, algebra 2/trigonometry, English literature and U.S. history, there were the electives: Dragon Lore, Comic Books, How to Shop for Bargains and the History of Snack Food. Past electives included All About Pirates, Spy Technology, Ping-Pong, Dog Obedience, Breaking World Records, Unusual Foods and Taking Things Apart. (‘I just wish they’d come up with a second-quarter class, Putting the Things Back Together,’ Nelson told me.)

“‘I knew it!’ Edwick complained, mashing about on the beanbag chair. He was disappointed because no one picked the elective he’d proposed: the History of Meat.”

McCain Is Now On Rachael Ray’s Show Making Veal Piccatta

Here’s an absolutely brilliant dismantling of McCain by David Letterman over McCain’s politically-motivated “drop everything” attitude toward the financial crisis. It’s nine minutes, but it’s hilarious and right on the money.

I am beginning to think that this will be looked at as a pivotal and historic moment for McCain akin to Muskie’s Canuck Letter. I just heard that if McCain doesn’t show up for the debate on Friday that Obama will turn it into a town hall meeting and just take questions for an hour. Good for him.