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Here is something unexpected

lunch by jeffreymcmanus.

You know what’s weird? When you have a 10 month old baby and a 5 year old kid, and the baby is sitting on your lap and he says “cookie” and then he sort of matter-of-factly says “galleta” and you have no idea what he said until your 5 year old with the nearly 1 year of bilingual kindergarten behind her says “he said ‘cookie’ in spanish!” That’s what’s weird.

The Kinds of Conversations You Have When You Have Two Kids

Wife (standing at the baby’s changing table): "I have a question for the man of the house."
Me (sitting in the next room): "Would the question happen to be penis-related?"
Wife: "Yes."

It’s fun when you get to the point in a marriage when you can almost finish each other’s sentences.

By the way, as evidenced by the above, I’m going to turn up the crank on the blog-o-matic at least once daily for the next month and see how that goes. (That means the dreaded spew factor might increase a bit, but hopefully it’ll all make sense.) If all goes as planned, this elevated level of chatter will increase into a crescendo of spazmodic excitement to culminate in the mid-to-late August timeframe, at which point I’ll be blogging about something different. (If that sentence seemed meaningless yet tantalizing to you, then I would urge you to stay tuned, as they say.)

To get caught up on my reactions to news for the past week: I’m doing OK, the family’s doing great, I’m still loving the MacBook Pro 110%, I don’t care about Rocketboom one way or the other, I’m happy to see Om asking about Web 2.0 for the enterprise, I worry about Tantek, I think that Jordan leaving eBay is a much bigger deal than the launch of Google Checkout and that this week’s mindless selloff in eBay stock makes me want to acquire its shares for the first time since I sold all my options in April 2005. So there’s that.